Hey, we got new tenants!

I am super happy to announce that Brian and I were able to find new tenants for the rental condo.  They just officially signed the rental agreement and handed over their deposit yesterday morning.  I was a bit concerned when our previous tenants gave notice but looks like everything is going to work out just fine!

sunny apartment

Sunny apartment

All in all, the transition will cost us about $500:

  • $25 for the credit check
  • $100 for paint
  • $50 for miscellaneous supplies like paint rollers and drop sheets
  • $200 of car share usage
  • $100 for new blinds

Luckily, we save $40 a month in a condo maintenance fund, so it is all “paid” for.  We did not pay for any advertising, instead, we used Craigslist and just made sure to write a detailed ad and included lots of bright, beautiful photos.  I received at least 20+ inquiries and over half of those resulted in showings.

Now that we have guaranteed renters for May, we’ll need to hustle to get the place ready!  The old tenants are in the process of cleaning and moving out so hopefully we’ll have a few days to work on things.  We’ll be doing all of the minor repairs and painting this coming weekend when Brian is back.  Actually, Brian will probably be doing the majority of it since I’ll likely be working over the weekend.  Thanks Brian!  😉

And our new tenants?  Well, they are a couple who are both employed at engineering firms.  One is an Aussie – she has the cutest accent ever! – and the other is from BC.  I haven’t met the guy yet – Brian did the showing last week while I was working, but I met the girl and she seems very down to earth.

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