Owning and refinancing a rental property in the US

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While working in academia in the past, I have had the chance to work with  people from many different parts of the world.  At my previous position  as a software developer at a university, I had the opportunity to meet a young graduate student from Arizona.  She was appalled at the cost and quality of rental units in Vancouver and regaled me with stories of cheap property and rental possibilities...

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How much will a cruise cost?

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This is a guest post. If you’re interested in guest posting with us, read our policy. Cruise holidays are many people’s idea of the dream holiday and it isn’t unusual for individuals to save their hard earned money to be able to afford to go on a cruise holiday. Photo credit: quinet via Fickr However, once you have paid up and booked your cruise of a lifetime, the spending, unfortunately, doesn’t end...

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Updates: Feb 17 – 23

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Today, I’m off to the local mountains to do some skiing! I’m cashing in on my brother’s Christmas gift to me for a day on the slopes. It’s been snowing on the mountain the last couple of days (and raining in Vancouver…hard), so the conditions should be great. It’s the only forecasted day of sun all week, so I’m making the most of it. CF and I had designs on...

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