How to Give Unsolicited Money Advice

Unsolicited Money Advice, money talk
We all have that one friend or relative. They spend recklessly, don’t save anything yet complain none stop about being broke. They chalk up their financial situation to not making enough money, moan about needing a pay raise and totally give up on saving until they get one. A stark contrast to you. You’ve finally gotten your financial house in order by budgeting and cutting out excess luxuries....

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How do I get a down payment? (…in Vancouver?!)

Save with Nordstrom Coupons, get a down payment, how to get a downpayment, saving money, saving, money, budgeting, Financial Goals, save money
Housing costs in Vancouver are infamously high.  I hear a lot of whining and moaning, especially from certain groups of people (*ahem*) who are used to living in big houses and driving fancy cars.  One girl I used to work with was studying to become a lawyer.  Her family arrived in Canada, with lots of cash saved, bought the giant house, bought the multiple cars, and now she is wondering how she...

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Updates: Feb 17 – 23

snowing on the mountain, skiing, personal finance blog, personal finance article, financial post, financial article
Today, I’m off to the local mountains to do some skiing! I’m cashing in on my brother’s Christmas gift to me for a day on the slopes. It’s been snowing on the mountain the last couple of days (and raining in Vancouver…hard), so the conditions should be great. It’s the only forecasted day of sun all week, so I’m making the most of it. CF and I had designs on...

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