Starting a Print on Demand (POD) Side Hustle (Part I)

  In this series, I am going to walk you through everything I do to start a new side hustle as inspired by the many, many TikTok videos I have seen of other women bringing in additional money. I will share tools, lessons I learn, time invested, and the financial impact, for better or for worse. So excited! This week we are starting a print-on-demand business (POD) as a family. The upheaval...

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Updates: Feb 17 – 23

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Today, I’m off to the local mountains to do some skiing! I’m cashing in on my brother’s Christmas gift to me for a day on the slopes. It’s been snowing on the mountain the last couple of days (and raining in Vancouver…hard), so the conditions should be great. It’s the only forecasted day of sun all week, so I’m making the most of it. CF and I had designs on...

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