How to make a budget that works

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A lot of people I know have been starting first jobs lately.  And first jobs means… more beer first budget!  Well, maybe it doesn’t mean that to most people and certainly not to me way back when – but getting started on a good solid budget right from the beginning will set you up for future financial success. Photo Credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/twon/ When I had my first...

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Updates: January 1-7

I’m not usually one for resolutions, but this year I’m finding a few new routines and activities have kept me busy. Some of the things I’m trying to keep up with this year include keeping a note book, keeping up on my fitness and keeping up with these updates! There have been a lot of resolution themed posts in this first week of 201 – here’s a few to peruse if you’re...

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4 month countdown

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I am back in classes for my final term in this program.  4 months from now I will be DONE with school for the second time in my life. There’s a few things to keep in mind if you are also graduating this year: Have you applied for graduation? Do you have enough credits to graduate? Is your resume up to date? Have you been preparing for interviews? Do you have a job lined up?  If not, are you...

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So we got a cat…

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A few weeks ago, Brian and I acquired a new furry feline friend.  He came with the unfortunate name of “Cronic” (their spelling, not mine….) and was soon rechristened as Chaucer.  Fortunately, he is too stupid to know his name and so the change does not seem to have upset him very much.  😉 At first glance, having a pet doesn’t seem to fit our low-cost big-hack lifestyle....

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