4 month countdown

I am back in classes for my final term in this program.  4 months from now I will be DONE with school for the second time in my life.

There’s a few things to keep in mind if you are also graduating this year:

  • Have you applied for graduation?
  • Do you have enough credits to graduate?
  • Is your resume up to date?
  • Have you been preparing for interviews?
  • Do you have a job lined up?  If not, are you applying for jobs?
  • Do you have a graduate position lined up?  If not, are you applying for grad schools?
  • Do you have 3-6 months of expenses in the bank in case you don’t get a job or grad position?
  • Do your family and friends know that you will be looking for a job in 4 months?
Preparing to graduate involves a lot more than planning how you’re going to burn sell your last few textbooks!  I think I’ve taken care of most of the items on this list, though I unfortunately don’t have 3-6 months of emergency money in the bank.

If you’re one of the lucky ones graduating this May, have you checked your to-do list?

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