Update: Sept 4-10

This week at work we had a visual design specialist coming in to show us how to pretty-up the company website and add different types of interactive infographics.  It’s been really exciting for me because I’ve always wanted to learn more about web development and design.  I’m super inspired now and may actually take a crack at designing something spiffy for my (many) personal projects. Links...

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Family and finances

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I have a cousin in Ontario who is a year younger than me. She’s always been lucky.  I remember that as children, I used to visit her family’s house a lot.  She always had the most toys and the latest gadgets.  I used to be quite jealous.  Then as young adults, her parents paid for her to go to university while I struggled to navigate living on my own, student loans, and credit card...

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Turning a $6 ham into 24 meals

ham into 24 meals, ham, ham sandwich, ham meals, slice of ham
I bought a ham.  And it is the most glorious ham ever.  Why?  It cost me only $6 for 6lbs of it. Here’s how it fed me and Brian: Note: Some common calculations: Eggs are ~20 cents/egg given $2.40 a dozen Slice of cheese ~15 cents given a 400g-450g block for $4.29, and I get about 6 slices from 100g Rice ~30 cents/pot, assuming I make a pot of rice every day and a half and knowing that a 40lb...

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Update: Aug 28 – Sept 3

Brian and I are moving in a month so this is sort of the lull before the storm.  We’ve packed up most of our crap already so we’re hoping so a smooth move. Meanwhile, my siblings and mother were just recently in Toronto visiting relatives.  They reported that my cousin (who is a year younger than me) is apparently claiming to be in school 7 days a week for upwards of 12 hours a day. ...

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