Steps to Take After Losing your Job

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Being let go at a job can be tough on anyone, especially someone with a family to support. Most jobs are not stable no matter how secure they seem. Your employer can lay off employees for various reasons at any time. Some families rely on two incomes to meet all their needs and save diligently for unexpected expenses. If you did lose your job, you have to act fast and find out ways to start earning...

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Update: Aug 28 – Sept 3

Brian and I are moving in a month so this is sort of the lull before the storm.  We’ve packed up most of our crap already so we’re hoping so a smooth move. Meanwhile, my siblings and mother were just recently in Toronto visiting relatives.  They reported that my cousin (who is a year younger than me) is apparently claiming to be in school 7 days a week for upwards of 12 hours a day. ...

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