Update: Aug 28 – Sept 3

Brian and I are moving in a month so this is sort of the lull before the storm.  We’ve packed up most of our crap already so we’re hoping so a smooth move.

Meanwhile, my siblings and mother were just recently in Toronto visiting relatives.  They reported that my cousin (who is a year younger than me) is apparently claiming to be in school 7 days a week for upwards of 12 hours a day.  She started university a year after I did but still doesn’t have a degree.  And now she is supposedly taking classes every day for a ridiculous number of hours?  I can’t help but think that her parents are being rather gullible and letting this go on a bit too long.  More on this tale of drama and woe later in the week  😉

Some links this week:

  • I love pickles in general, especially homemade ones. When I was younger, my mom would often pickle radishes.  Here’s a super easy recipe for making homemade sauerkraut from Stumbling Homestead ( a great blog for anyone who is interested in being more independent of “the system” and more self-sustaining ) – yum! Sauerkraut is not only great with sausages, but with roasted meats in general.  The post is an oldie but first came to my attention via Lifehacker.
  • I can get really cynical sometimes when I hear about the economy and how people are unemployed and this and that.  I’ve never had trouble finding a job, so sometimes it’s hard for me to be sympathetic.  But stories like this one from the New York Times reminds me that there are still people out there who work hard, are willing to work any job, but still get screwed over.  This guy lost his job, searched for months and was willing to take a shittier, lower paying job.  I respect that!  And in the end, (the story has a happy ending) it still shows that people who continue to work hard are eventually rewarded.  I wish we could take back all the money we spend on “social welfare programs” and use it to create jobs for people for like him.
  • Jacob from ERE has a post about how the slavery of past times is not so different from the world of wages, jobs and debt that we find ourselves in now.  The main difference, is that we have the choice to opt out.
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