Update: Sept 4-10

This week at work we had a visual design specialist coming in to show us how to pretty-up the company website and add different types of interactive infographics.  It’s been really exciting for me because I’ve always wanted to learn more about web development and design.  I’m super inspired now and may actually take a crack at designing something spiffy for my (many) personal projects.

Links this week:

  • Use vinegar to clean and clear up cloudy glassware, from Re-Nest.com via Lifehacker.  I always though that glasses that got cloudy were just made of cheap materials, so I’ll have to try this next time!
  • LetGoAndFlow talks about life lessons in golf.  I think it’s really interesting how we can find lessons like these in so many areas of our lives.  I’ve found that bad habits I have in work, for example, manifest in different forms elsewhere.  For example, I really don’t like to show many actual code to people, because I’m often not confident in what I write until I spend a lot of time perfecting it.  Similarly, I was never able to play songs on guitar in front of people even though I could play well in private.  And this critical nature extends to my relationships with others – I find it incredibly hard to deal with people who would give me a half-assed effort when it’s not something that I could ever contemplate doing.  Point it, if you have a hard time learning “life’s lessons” or identifying your faults, maybe you should start with an easier analogy, like sports – and then see how those same habits extend beyond that instance.
  • Sandy at Yes, I Am Cheap had an awesome rant/post about children and finances.  Namely – if you cannot afford ’em, don’t have ’em.  I agree wholeheartedly.  Children are a privilege and a responsibility, not a right.  It is wrong to have children just because you “can” and then expect your fellow taxpayers to foot the bill for their social welfare entitlements, school meals, etc.
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