Save Money on Heating Costs this Winter with These Simple Tricks

saving money, heating costs, winterizing
Winter weather is no joke when it comes to your heating bill. Depending on where you live, harsh winters can cause you to run your heat every day and that increase on your bill each month can cause your budget to become tight in some other areas. Trying to save on heating costs can be discouraging because you have to run your heat in the winter to stay warm. On the contrary, these helpful tricks will...

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How to Get Better Sleep in 2015

better sleep, good sleeping habits, sleeping habits, improve sleeping
Did you get enough sleep in 2014? I’m fairly certain I didn’t and most of you will probably agree. The stresses of work, raising a family, and keeping a social life can wreak havoc on our sleep scheduling. Yet without decent sleep we can’t be our most productive; no matter how many late nights we dedicate to getting work done. I speak on this from experience. As a first time business...

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Creating a new normal

new normal, passive aggressive
I’m big on doing “the little things right” – pulling the shower curtain closed so it can dry properly, closing lids of containers after I use them, turning off the lights when I’m not in a room… and more!  My mind is often organized as one giant checklist that I like to periodically refer to.  That’s the way I am.  I am forever thinking about the little details.  But not everyone...

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