How to Get Better Sleep in 2015

better sleep, good sleeping habits, sleeping habits, improve sleepingDid you get enough sleep in 2014?

I’m fairly certain I didn’t and most of you will probably agree. The stresses of work, raising a family, and keeping a social life can wreak havoc on our sleep scheduling.

Yet without decent sleep we can’t be our most productive; no matter how many late nights we dedicate to getting work done.

I speak on this from experience. As a first time business owner, time management mistakes led me to finish some projects in the wee hours of the morning. I found that projects that would take me a fraction of the amount of time during the day took me hours during the evening. My mind was overworked and even worse I woke up groggy each day.

That cycle continues indefinitely unless it’s put in check.

If you’re like me and committing to better sleep for increased productivity in 2015, follow these simple tips.

1. Stick to a sleep schedule.

Setting and sticking to a sleep schedule will regulate your body clock and promotes restful sleep. Decide what time you’ll go to sleep at night and wake up in the morning. Your schedule should carry throughout weekdays and weekends. A regular pattern will give you better rest, plus your body will get accustomed to waking up and falling asleep at your set time.

2. Only catnap. 

Long naps throughout the day is one of the reasons I lost out on deep sleep throughout the night. Napping too late in the afternoon can trigger the body into thinking it’s time to turn in and your nap will become a long slumber. Research has found that people find it easier to wake up from 10 to 20 minute naps and they’re more refreshing than significantly longer naps.

3. Exercise.

Exercising each day can help you sleep better, but don’t work out within a few hours of heading to bed. The adrenaline from working out will keep you awake for several hours post workout. But after you cool down from exercise your body will begin to get drowsy allowing you to enter a restful sleep.

4. Ditch caffeine.

Caffeine right before bed is a no, no. And caffeinated tea happened to be my go to energy boost for late nights in 2014, which caused me to miss out on restful nights of sleep. If you like warm beverages before bed, stick to decaffeinated. Stop drinking caffeine each day in the afternoon if you want to sleep well throughout the night.

5. Relax before bed.

Schedule time in your sleep plan for unwinding before bed. During this time you can read, watch a little TV, or listen to a podcast. Relaxing in bed can help you slowly fall into sleep. If you jump into bed hoping do drift instantly you may lie awake for a few hours discouraging you from keeping up with your sleep schedule.

6. Drown out sound.

Can’t sleep with excess noise? Put on a static sound or turn on a fan. The constant noise will help reduce the effect of noise disturbances as you fall asleep. And if you’re a light sleeper it can save you from waking up out of a restful sleep.

How was your sleep in 2014? Are you hoping to get better sleep this year? 

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