Our tenants gave notice – Now what?

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This month, Brian and I received the news that our tenants (of almost three years!) were giving notice to move out at the end of April.  We kind of thought that this might happen.  We knew they eventually wanted a bigger place and they both make more than enough money to do so.  But it still sucks to get the news.  However, we have planned ahead!  As a result, we’re not too worried. Photo...

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Update: November 6 – 12

Signed up for Car2Go this week! Yes, I’m already a member of the Modo Coop, however I like to have options. The small differences in how car booking and billing works with both organizations makes some trips more economical with either organization, depending on what you need the car for. The gadgets are pretty cool with Car2Go as well – looking forward to checking it out. Photo credit:...

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