Update: November 6 – 12

Signed up for Car2Go this week! Yes, I’m already a member of the Modo Coop, however I like to have options. The small differences in how car booking and billing works with both organizations makes some trips more economical with either organization, depending on what you need the car for. The gadgets are pretty cool with Car2Go as well – looking forward to checking it out.

Photo credit: swirlspice via Flickr (http://www.flickr.com/photos/swirlspice/5536649205/)

Here’s what you should check out this week:

  • Maximizing your rental income can be a tricky business.  We’ve taken split approach to this issue.  Some renovations we are doing incrementally while the tenant is still living there.  This are mostly “nice to haves” like installing a dishwasher or providing a storage locker.  Of course, this only works if you have an agreeable tenant who isn’t going to damage your fancy new renovations AND if the tenant values the renovations enough to stay that much longer in your suite.  Some renovations, like new carpeting/flooring are going to wait until after the tenants leave – wear and tear means it wouldn’t be worth it for us to provide this upgrade.  Rachel from Landlord Rescue weighs on on this topic.
  • Tim just celebrated his 5th anniversary running Canadian Dream: Free at 45. Head over to check out the festivities and congratulate him on sticking with the blogging business! This is one of my favorite sites, so here’s to another five years.
  • JD from Get Rich Slowly talks about in life and money, it’s important to do what works for you. As much as it is important to follow some basic rules (which he acknowledges) it is just as important to learn how to apply it to your life. This is something that I like to remind myself of frequently, so I thought I would share!


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