$100 Giveaway: Try a no-spending weekend

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Update: Jan 31, 2013 – This contest is now closed. Congratulations to Jess G. (Entry #527) for taking home the $100 cash prize! Anyone out there still paying off the Christmas bills?  Even though Brian and I (usually) save enough to pay for Christmas in cash, I find that I get a bit of an after-Christmas hangover.  I feel anxious about money, I don’t like to spend a lot, and I am more...

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Updates: January 6 – 12

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Don’t forget about the $1000 cash giveaway we’re co-hosting! Check it out here. I’ve been saving for a new computer for some time now. A few bucks here and there, but it adds up. I do enjoy playing some computer games from time to time, and the last time that I bought a computer the full system cost me approximately $1200 including a monitor.  I knew it would cost me less this time,...

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