$100 Giveaway: Try a no-spending weekend

Update: Jan 31, 2013 – This contest is now closed. Congratulations to Jess G. (Entry #527) for taking home the $100 cash prize!

Anyone out there still paying off the Christmas bills?  Even though Brian and I (usually) save enough to pay for Christmas in cash, I find that I get a bit of an after-Christmas hangover.  I feel anxious about money, I don’t like to spend a lot, and I am more than a little tired of holiday excess.  That makes January a great time to save some money.  I talked yesterday about trimming the financial fat by getting rid of excess fees and services.  Today I wanted to offer another suggestion for super-charging your savings: Have a no-spending weekend!

Photo credit: flickr

Photo credit: flickr

I like no-spending weekends because it’s a lot less commitment than say, a no-spending month.  At the same time, Brian and I spend most of our money on the weekend.  It’s usually things like social outings with friends and afternoon coffees together, but still – it adds up.

How do we entertain ourselves all weekend?  Well, to be honest, a lot of our weekend is taken up by mundane chores and lazy bouts of relaxing.  So it’s not really that hard!  But instead of going out for brunch, we make a nice Saturday morning breakfast at home.  Instead of coffee at the cafe with friends, we put on a pot of coffee in the afternoon and lounge around the condo with a book.  In the evenings, it can be tougher.  I do love heading to a local bar for a drink or meeting up with friends for a late night snack.  But I also love having people over for a games night or getting together for a massive potluck.

After a no-spending weekend, we usually are able to put away $40 or $50 towards one of our short term savings goals.  It only takes a few weekends to afford a pair of Canucks tickets (I’m looking at the bill for this right now… sigh) or to make a nice extra payment towards the student loan (which is what I really should do instead of going to expensive hockey games).

So on the continuing theme of making January a little less dreary and saving a bit of money, we’re pleased to be part of ANOTHER giveaway!  This one features a prize of $100 via Pay Pal or Amazon gift card (winner’s choice).  Just check out the Rafflecopter widget below for entry options and click here to see our other contests!

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