Choosing NOT to participate in my employee stock plan

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My current employer offers employees a chance to purchase company stock at a guaranteed discount.  You enrol in 6 month periods and allocate a certain percentage (2% and up) of your salary towards purchasing stock.  While there is a maximum number of stocks that you may purchase at one time (it’s a very high number…), the stocks are yours without restriction and you can sell them at any...

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Student loans paid off!

Student loans, student loan paid off, debt free, financial freedom
Last month I reached a major milestone towards financial independence – I paid off my Student Loan! I graduated in April of 2008, so all in all, I took 3 years and 10 months to pay back $13,000 to the government. Had my friends at the National Student Loan Service Centre had their way, it would have been over 8 years before I had repaid my loan in full and I would have paid much more in interest...

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