I Recognize Charity Scams now – Giving Blindly is like Burning $

Charity scams are always successful because people are always willing to give trust on demand, and ignore flaming warning signs, for causes they want to believe in. When I talk about charity or donation scams, this can refer to large scale charity corporations all the way down to street buskers yodeling off-key in the hopes of getting your spare bucks. I used to give money to people on the street...

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Updates: August 19 – 25

Well, this week marked the very FIRST contest that The Outlier Model has run! We’ve had numerous entries thus far, with no clear consensus on what the mystery seedling is. There is still plenty of time to enter the contest – we won’t be drawing a winner until we positively ID the plant! To clarify, you CAN guess the same thing as another commenter – we’ll be drawing the...

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Season of giving?

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Brian and I recently attended the Pan Pacific Christmas Wish Breakfast here in Vancouver.  It’s a yearly event in Vancouver and one that I have attended before.  The idea is simple: You bring a new, unwrapped toy down to the hotel and you get to go have a free breakfast from their buffet afterwards.  Yum! For our gifts, I purchased two new puzzles from the dollar store – one geared towards...

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