Updates: August 19 – 25

Well, this week marked the very FIRST contest that The Outlier Model has run! We’ve had numerous entries thus far, with no clear consensus on what the mystery seedling is. There is still plenty of time to enter the contest – we won’t be drawing a winner until we positively ID the plant! To clarify, you CAN guess the same thing as another commenter – we’ll be drawing the winner from all of the correct guesses once we figure out what the plant is. As a refresher, here’s what it looks like:

No clear consensus to date!


Head back to the contest and let us know your guess! After you’ve entered the contest, check out some of our favourite posts of the week:


  • This was a cute post from Frugal Portland on the cost of keeping chickens.  Is an inflated cost for organic, free range chicken worth the avoiding the vicious, pecking monstrosity that is the domestic chicken?!  CF had a pet chicken as a child and has wanted to keep chickens again ever since then.
  • One of the most pressing concerns in college is… where am I going to get this week’s beer money?  Well, One Cent at a Time has a few suggestions for you!  While in college, CF and Brian did odd jobs like washing glassware for labs, participating in focus groups and surveys, and transcribing class notes.
  • Here’s a post from Bog Of Debt that reminds me why I’m so grateful for the excellent public transit in Vancouver.  What would you do if you possibly had to choose between your honeymoon and your car?


Thanks to everyone who included us this week:



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