Cost and benefit of grad school

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Here’s a timely tool which coincides nicely with part one my jobs in science series.  It’s a grad school calculator, presented by the LearnVest website.  It’s very simple and dumbed down, but gives you an idea of the costs of grad school in terms of lost wages, student loans, and potential income.  You enter your current income, your future income, the costs of tuition, etc. and...

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So you want to get a job in science? Part 2

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Last time, I talked about some of the pitfalls of going into science, including a lack of entry level jobs and the dangers of endless grad school. It’s tough navigating a job market that wants experience when there is such an emphasis on theory and grades during post-secondary. It’s also unfortunate that so many bright and engaged young minds get roped into a thankless field like science....

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The benefits of a second job

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For many people, the thought of working more than they have to is an alien concept.  But making more money is the easiest way to give yourself a financial boost, especially if it’s in a field that you enjoy or done during a time where you wouldn’t be doing anything anyways – you can even make money at parties! I’m working this Sunday at the the research centre.  I’ve...

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4 month countdown

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I am back in classes for my final term in this program.  4 months from now I will be DONE with school for the second time in my life. There’s a few things to keep in mind if you are also graduating this year: Have you applied for graduation? Do you have enough credits to graduate? Is your resume up to date? Have you been preparing for interviews? Do you have a job lined up?  If not, are you...

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