Discarding toxic people from your life

biohazard, toxic people, Discarding toxic people
Every year around Christmas, I marvel at how quickly time had passed by. Is it really another year already? As morbid as it is, I can’t help but want to make sure my time is well spent. Earlier this month, I started receiving emails, tweets,  LinkedIn messages, and even Facebook messages from my former lab coworkers. Every day they bombarded me with requests to sign off on some forms to authorize...

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So you want to get a job in science? Part 2

get a job in science, field of science, science job, scientist
Last time, I talked about some of the pitfalls of going into science, including a lack of entry level jobs and the dangers of endless grad school. It’s tough navigating a job market that wants experience when there is such an emphasis on theory and grades during post-secondary. It’s also unfortunate that so many bright and engaged young minds get roped into a thankless field like science....

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