Tips for Getting a Maximum Dollar for Your House

Are you about to put your house on the market for sale? Whether you’re down-sizing, up sizing or moving to another town, preparing your home for sale can be a huge undertaking. Nearly every seller has the objective of securing the maximum sales prices for their home. With the advice of a seasoned real estate professional and suggestions from home stagers, you can command a high sales price for your...

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Is Paying for Grocery Delivery Worth the Price?

Food Basket from Grocery Delivery
Grocery delivery is all the rage. Nearly everyone can see the appeal in skipping the grocery store, allowing these services to rise in popularity. Ultimately, we all need food to survive, but actually going to the grocery store is no longer a necessity. Like most other services, grocery delivery comes with a price tag. That means you need to figure out if it is worth the cost of admission to you....

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Think You’re Ready to Start Freelancing Full-Time?

Ready to freelance?
For many people, being able to start freelancing full-time is the dream. After all, you get to pick your own projects, set your own schedule, and even work from home. While it is possible to make a living by freelancing full-time, you do need to prepare for the transition. If you aren’t sure if you’re ready, here are some questions you need to ask yourself. Tamila McDonaldTamila McDonald has worked...

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Why You Shouldn’t Wait to File Taxes (and When You Should)

Filing Taxes On Time Or Late?
It is generally accepted that when you file taxes the process can be stressful. It can also be a lot of hard work, regardless of whether your personal financial situation is good or bad. For many people, seeing just how much you owe the IRS can be disheartening. In an effort to delay the unpleasantness, many people forgo filing their taxes until the deadline draws near. But waiting to file isn’t...

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