Is Paying for Grocery Delivery Worth the Price?

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Grocery delivery is all the rage. Nearly everyone can see the appeal in skipping the grocery store, allowing these services to rise in popularity. Ultimately, we all need food to survive, but actually going to the grocery store is no longer a necessity.

Like most other services, grocery delivery comes with a price tag. That means you need to figure out if it is worth the cost of admission to you. To help you determine whether grocery delivery is right for you, here are some points to consider.

Grocery Delivery Saves You Time

Yes, your money is valuable, but so is your time. And, most people agree, the biggest benefit of grocery delivery is the time savings.

It isn’t uncommon for a trip to the grocery store to take one to two hours, so opting for delivery restores a big chunk of your day. This means you can dedicate that time to other tasks, ranging from relaxing to working. And, if you do work during that time, the money you earn could significantly offset the cost of delivery.

For people who never feel like there are enough hours in the day, the time savings alone can make it worth it. Grocery delivery eliminates a significant task from your plate, giving you more time for other things.

Impulse Buy Reduction Saves Money

If you’re prone to impulse buying when you’re in the store, then paying for grocery delivery could ultimately save you money. When you order groceries online, you can search for precisely what you need instead of having to skim aisles or shelves.

While you may face some product ads, you aren’t actually passing tempting items in the store. And, if you usually shop with your children in tow, this alone can make a world of difference. Grocery delivery may allow you to keep some items out of your cart entirely, resulting in a smaller bill every week.

Most Delivery Fees are Reasonable

Grocery delivery fees aren’t as high as you may assume. In most cases, as long as you meet the minimum sale requirements, the cost of delivery is under $10 per order. And, with certain subscription or store-specific programs, the charge is substantially lower.

In fact, if you’re willing to commit to a longer delivery window and have a large order, your delivery cost might be zero.

You’ll need to research your local options to figure out how much grocery delivery fees are in your area, as they do vary between stores and cities. But, you may discover that they are lower than you originally thought.

Ultimately, whether the price is worth it depends on your unique situation. As mentioned above, there are benefits to using grocery delivery, but a fee usually accompanies the convenience. However, if you can use the time to earn more money or the service lets you reduce costs, you can actually come out ahead.

Explore your local offerings to learn about their fee structures first. Then use that information to help you make a decision.

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