The Highest and Lowest Paying College Majors: What Matters and What Doesn’t

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When you go to college, the big discussion is always about your field of study and ideal career field. All majors are not considered equal. There are certain majors that merit higher paying jobs and let’s face it, everyone would love to earn more money. Last year Entrepreneur.com generated a list of average income of the top 10 highest-paying majors. Their list included the following: 1. Petroleum...

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How to Perform an Effective Expense Audit and Save More Money

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If you need more money, one of the most realistic ways to achieve that goal is to cut your expenses. While one of the best ways to save more money is to earn more, some people can’t increase their income as easily as others can nor as quickly. Whether you can’t work extra hours for medical reasons, or it will take you several months to establish a steady stream of side hustle income, you can always...

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Simple Ways to be Happy Regardless of your Income

ways to be happy, happy living, happy tips
Now that the big holiday season has came and went, it’s the perfect time to work on becoming content with what you have and your current situation regardless of how much money you have or make. Even though people say ‘money doesn’t buy happiness’, do you really believe it? Can you be happy and content with thousands of dollars of debt hanging over your head or past due bills? Yes, money can...

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3 Ways to Reduce Expenses When Living in a Big City

reducing expenses, living expenses tips, city living expenses
Living in a large city is often associated with spending more money. Ideally, housing seems more expensive in large cities and there’s always so much going on that can prompt you to spend more. Reducing your expenses is one of the best ways to start managing your finances better. You can always earn more of course, but you should start by cutting your expenses down first regardless of where you live...

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