5 Things I’m Giving Up to Become Debt Free

I know you’ve probably heard that getting out of debt requires some sacrifice. Getting out of debt will change your life so you have to be willing to make some changes during your journey in order to get there. I’ve made quite a few sacrifices over the past few years in order to get out of debt but I consider them minimal in the grand scheme of things and some of them are only temporary. Here...

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How to Perform an Effective Expense Audit and Save More Money

expense audit, saving money, budgeting finances
If you need more money, one of the most realistic ways to achieve that goal is to cut your expenses. While one of the best ways to save more money is to earn more, some people can’t increase their income as easily as others can nor as quickly. Whether you can’t work extra hours for medical reasons, or it will take you several months to establish a steady stream of side hustle income, you can always...

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3 Ways to Reduce Expenses When Living in a Big City

reducing expenses, living expenses tips, city living expenses
Living in a large city is often associated with spending more money. Ideally, housing seems more expensive in large cities and there’s always so much going on that can prompt you to spend more. Reducing your expenses is one of the best ways to start managing your finances better. You can always earn more of course, but you should start by cutting your expenses down first regardless of where you live...

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