How to Get Ready to Purchase a Home

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Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about purchasing my first home. I have plans to get into real estate before buying my dream home and would love to get the ball rolling soon. The only hold up is there are quite a financial factors holding me back. I’ve realized that purchasing a home is not the simplest process and it takes a ton of preparation. If you find yourself in a similar boat, here are 4...

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5 Financial Topics to Discuss Before Marriage

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Marriage is a big step and can shift the entire financial aspect of your life. After you get engaged or once your relationship gets serious are both the best times to discuss your finances with your partner. In between planning your life together, it’s important to discuss the not-so-fun or interesting aspects of your life and how you will make joint financial decisions in the future. Here are 5...

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Top Online Rewards Programs to Start Using

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If you haven’t jumped on the online rewards and cash-back websites’ bandwagon yet, you are missing out on some amazing opportunities and deals. If you spend time on the computer during the week or shop online, online rewards websites can help put some extra money in your pocket for the holiday season. Racking up rewards points and cashback from doing simple everyday tasks online can be an easy...

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How to Get Fit Without a Gym Membership and Save Money

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It’s January, so most people are busy setting New Year’s resolutions and deciding how they will change their lives for the better. This often involves setting goals to get healthier and more fit which is why gym membership rates rise early in the year and fitness centers make a killing. If you want to lose weight or get back in shape this year, you don’t have to sign up for an expensive gym membership...

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