Organization Habits That’ll Make Your Business Insanely Productive

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An organized work space is a productive work space. I learned this first hand after working for two employers in the same industry whose organization habits were like night and day. My first company was neurotically organized, so much so that our personal offices were annually audited down to the location of our stapler. If something as small as a paperclip was out of place it could affect our overall...

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Don’t Let Your Financial Fears Hold You Back From Your Dreams

Financial Fears, dreams, reality, Financial Goals
Everyone has a dream. Whether it’s to travel more, live in a nicer home, or just to have more time for friends and family, everyone has goals and hopes for what they want their life to look like. In a majority of situations the biggest thing holding people back is financial fear. This includes the fear of losing a job, failing at starting a business, or simply not having enough money. Financial...

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How to Get Better Sleep in 2015

better sleep, good sleeping habits, sleeping habits, improve sleeping
Did you get enough sleep in 2014? I’m fairly certain I didn’t and most of you will probably agree. The stresses of work, raising a family, and keeping a social life can wreak havoc on our sleep scheduling. Yet without decent sleep we can’t be our most productive; no matter how many late nights we dedicate to getting work done. I speak on this from experience. As a first time business...

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