3 Career Lessons I Learned When My Employer Dissolved

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About 2 years ago, the fairly well-known company I worked for was sold right under our noses to its two major competitors. You see, my company was owned by Lehman Brothers and due to their stellar business ethics we were thrown into uncertainty. Here are the 3 career lessons I learned from the experience. 1. Be The Debby Downer Once Lehman Brothers declared bankruptcy, our company got to work applying...

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Shop and Save with Nordstrom Coupons

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No one does not love a great bargain when shopping either online or offline. With regard to this well-known fact, we are going to highlight some of the ways in which one can save money when shopping at the Nordstrom online shopping store such as; using Nordstrom coupons, getting the stores membership card and referring friends among other ways .This is in a bid to ensure that every potential customer...

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Should You Repair Your Old Car or Buy New?

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Unfortunately, no car lasts forever. There will come a time in your car’s life where you’ll have to ask the question: should you fix your old car or should you buy new? While there is no flat out yes or no answer to this question, there are some things you should think about. Fixing an Old Car Cars aren’t meant to be driven forever. And when your car starts having problems the frustrations begin. In...

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5 Cheap Hacks to Prepare for a Baby in the Family

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I think we can all agree. Getting ready for baby is expensive for an entire family not just the parents. It takes a village right? Sure, the parents get a lot of stuff from a shower, but it’s really not in good taste to have a show for every baby. So what to do when you’re not willing to spend the bulk of your savings or income on procreating? Think outside the box and hack it! Because...

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