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Piggy BankDear readers,

It’s not too long ago that I started connecting with you here on the Outlier Model. You may not know that I am also a financial writer for a magazine called the Canadian MoneySaver.

Oddly enough I began reading this magazine when I was in my late twenties. Some 20 years later I’m writing articles for them, presented at one of their conferences, and now doing my first webinar with them as well.

I realize many of you who read this blog are either in debt, or climbing your way out of debt. I know many of you also have adopted a frugal lifestyle to get out of that situation. One thing that may be intimidating or even scary may be the thought of investing or even how to invest. It’s probably the last thing on your mind. And even if you’ve paid off your debt, where do you start?

Dividend Investing

Dividend investing is a strategy I adopted shortly after the market crash in 2008 and 2009.  I sold all my mutual funds, bought dividend stocks, and I’ve never looked back. If you’ve ever thought about dividend investing or wondered how it works, then be sure to sign up and check out the webinar. It’s also FREE and there are no obligations, other than your time. It will give you some good ideas for the future, when you are ready to invest. 😉

Peter Hodson who is co-hosting the webinar with me, was the previous chairman of Sprott Asset Management. Since taking over as editor of Canadian MoneySaver, he has worked hard educate the public and help DIY (Do It Yourself) investors. So I’m more than pleased to donate my time to help get that message across.

The Canadian MoneySaver Webinar

So with that said, I’m delighted to announce I will be hosting my first webinar on the Dividend Ninja. Thanks to Canadian MoneySaver and 5i Research for sponsoring this event. Topics will be announced, but for now be sure to sign-up and mark the date in your calendar!

Join Avrom Digance of the Dividend Ninja and Peter Hodson, Editor of Canadian MoneySaver and CEO of 5i Research (pictured below), for an informative webinar on dividend investing:

“Investing for Dividends”

Peter Hodson

Peter Hodson


Tuesday May 6th, 2014

1:00pm EST (10:00am PST)


FREE – registration required (sign up below)


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