Updates: July 14 – 20

Today, we’re featured over at Canadian Budget Binder, so welcome if you’ve found your way here through Mr. CBB and a big thank you to him for the opportunity!

This week has been pretty busy for CF with a big deadline at work, so I’ve been exploring some places in Vancouver that I’ve never spent much time around. It’s easy to get into a routine and forget about all the cool things around you, but with so much sun over the past month, it’s been easier than usual to explore some new places. One of the places I’ve always wondered about is a small man made island in the middle of False Creek, near the Olympic Village. The island was built in 2009 in preparation for the 2010 Winter Olympics. Buses would bring the athletes to the village and as they arrived, the welcome area was positioned such that they would be greeted by views of this island with the backdrop of downtown Vancouver. It’s a pretty stunning sight, but something I haven’t really explored. Turns out there are trails on the island and a good amount of beach that no one really knows about. Although I wouldn’t use it for swimming (too many boats in the inlet…) it is a great place to relax and read a book!

Photo Credit via Flickr

Photo Credit via Flickr

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