Updates: March 24 – 30

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Well, this Saturday turned out to be more eventful/productive than I was planning (and hence, these updates are a little later than usual). After a quick morning wake-up run, CF and I headed out for some Easter weekend dim sum (that’s what everyone does, right??). After a couple of passes by the mattress store, we decided to stop in. Ever since our apartment fire three years ago, our replacement...

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Weighing our mortgage options

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It’ll probably be a while before Brian and I start looking into buying our next place, but I can’t help but start thinking about what we might do next.  In our area, there are quite a few cute city townhomes that are 2-3 stories high with 2 bedrooms.  They’re quite spacious compared to condo living, but no where near as large as a house.  We don’t need a lot of space, but...

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Choosing the best streaming music sites

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I’m one of those people who is guilty of being constantly plugged in.  I can’t venture out into the world without being attached to my mp3 player.  When I’m at work, I frequently have my headphones on and (slightly-embarrassing-but-true-fact) can be seen rocking out while coding.  Since I spend most of my day at the desk, I’ve started looking into streaming music over the...

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How do I get a down payment? (…in Vancouver?!)

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Housing costs in Vancouver are infamously high.  I hear a lot of whining and moaning, especially from certain groups of people (*ahem*) who are used to living in big houses and driving fancy cars.  One girl I used to work with was studying to become a lawyer.  Her family arrived in Canada, with lots of cash saved, bought the giant house, bought the multiple cars, and now she is wondering how she...

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