Leftover Turkey Recipe Ideas

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So the holidays are winding down and you’re having your last few turkey dinners with your friends, family, and distant relatives.  Then the age-old question arises… What to do with the turkey leftovers?  Here are 5 quick speed-recipe ideas for your leftover turkey: Our turkey Turkey sandwich is probably the easiest and quickest leftover turkey meal.  Simply throw together some turkey...

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Updates: Dec 23 – 29

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We are over a week into our ‘staycation’ and have been enjoying every minute of it. We have knocked off numerous coffee shops, restaurants and entertained a number of guests. We’ve only been here a month and we’ve almost had more people over than we did in an entire year at our last place. I love it. We are still waiting for our couch to arrive, and for our closet system to...

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Discarding toxic people from your life

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Every year around Christmas, I marvel at how quickly time had passed by. Is it really another year already? As morbid as it is, I can’t help but want to make sure my time is well spent. Earlier this month, I started receiving emails, tweets,  LinkedIn messages, and even Facebook messages from my former lab coworkers. Every day they bombarded me with requests to sign off on some forms to authorize...

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Twas the night before Christmas

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It’s Christmas Eve and Brian and I are busy enjoying some time off and getting ready for the holidays.  There’s apple cider simmering, rum and eggnog to drink, and even a cute little Christmas tree to make our little condo a bit more festive.  We both have the week (and a bit!) off of work and we plan on enjoying every last moment. Our (tiny) tree In the spirit of end-of-the-year laziness,...

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