Leftover Turkey Recipe Ideas

So the holidays are winding down and you’re having your last few turkey dinners with your friends, family, and distant relatives.  Then the age-old question arises… What to do with the turkey leftovers?  Here are 5 quick speed-recipe ideas for your leftover turkey:


Our turkey

  • Turkey sandwich is probably the easiest and quickest leftover turkey meal.  Simply throw together some turkey meat and bread along with lettuce, tomato, and mayo for a delicious sandwich.  Brian likes to add gravy and cranberry sauce onto his sandwiches.
  • With the carcass, the traditional turkey soup is probably your best option.  Simmer the bones for 3-4 hours, strain the broth, strip off the meat and toss it back in.  Then, add your favorite veggies.  I like to do a basic soup with celery, carrots, and potatoes.  For extra flavor, toss in some parsley and marjoram while your soup is simmering.
  • After you’ve perfected the art of sandwich and soup-making, branch out a bit and try a turkey fried rice.  Trust me, it’s delicious.  Just use a regular fried rice recipe and substitute turkey as your protein.  I like to do my fried rice with turkey, peas, carrots, egg, and corn.  Just add some soy sauce to season at the end and ta-da: fried rice.
  • If you have any gravy remaining, a leftover turkey pot pie is also delicious.  I like to cheat and make a quasi-pot pie.  I use leftover pie dough to form a crust, then simply fill the crust with leftover roast carrots, potatoes, and turkey.  I add some frozen peas and the gravy, then bake for 20-30 minutes, or until the crust is golden.  If you make multiple small pies, there’s no need to form tops for the pies – they’ll hold together well enough from the gravy.
  • And finally, when all else fails – make a leftover turkey casserole.  Combine turkey, you favorite cream-based canned soup, your favorite noodle shape, and veggies (broccoli is nice) in a casserole dish.  Top with cheese and breadcrumbs and bake for 20-30 minutes.  I like using cream of mushroom with spiral noodles and fresh broccoli and cremini mushrooms in my casserole.  Delicious!


Do you have any great leftover turkey recipes?
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