Being evil to save money

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Nice guys finish last right?  No one could accuse me of being too nice, though I don’t think I’m terribly evil.  Maybe just a teensy bit.  But you don’t want to be the guy who stands in the rain, holding the door open for everyone else do you?  Well, whether or not nice guys do finish last, I’d like to suggest some tongue-in-cheek (and not-so tongue in cheek) ways to...

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Updates: Nov 11 – 17

Well, I think we’ve set the record for the latest weekly update yet! It’s just over a week until we move to the new condo, but most of the weekend was taken up by fun activities which included champagne tasting, scotch tasting, a junior hockey game, pick up football, the mortgage signing, a board games night and finally the CFL West Final at BC Place (below). Sadly, the Lions lost, so I...

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Managing your debt with consolidated credit

Managing your debt, consolidating credit, debt control
This is a guest post. For more information about the services mentioned in this article, please visit them on Facebook and Twitter. It’s a sad truth that for many people who struggle with financial problems, cutting the cable and making a budget aren’t going to be enough. Don’t get me wrong, these and other money saving tips and frugal tricks will help and provide good habits for...

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Hey, we bought another condo!

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Regular readers might recall that Brian and I were in the condo buying market.  We had been saving up money for a while and with current interest rates and prices, we wanted to add a second condo to our burgeoning collection.  We did announce it on one of our weekly updates, but I never wrote a blog about it.  We just finished signing the mortgage papers this week, so it seemed like as good a time...

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