Updates: Nov 11 – 17

Well, I think we’ve set the record for the latest weekly update yet! It’s just over a week until we move to the new condo, but most of the weekend was taken up by fun activities which included champagne tasting, scotch tasting, a junior hockey game, pick up football, the mortgage signing, a board games night and finally the CFL West Final at BC Place (below). Sadly, the Lions lost, so I have no reason to watch the Grey Cup next weekend.

Luckily, I wasn’t as busy earlier in the week and had the time to check out some of the great posts below!


  • Obesity is a problem that is, in many cases, preventable.  Simple changes in diet and exercise DO help!  After cutting soda from my diet, for example, I lost 15lbs, with no other changes.  Eyes on the Dollar touches on this pervasive health issue in this week’s post. 
  • This is a great list of home maintenance tips from One Cent at a Time. How many have you tried?
  • Can you live on $40,000 a year ?  That’s what My Canuck Buck asks and CF and she says, “Hell yes!”  CF lived on $1000 a month while she was in school and back when she was a research assistant, lived on her own in Vancouver’s west side on a salary of $40,000.  It is definitely doable.
  • With our final week as renters upon us, we won’t need to worry about contents insurance anymore! Modest Money gives some tips on protecting yourself as renters.

Thanks to everyone who included us this week!


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