Updates: July 1-7

Last night we had the chance to meet up with a couple of local bloggers. Thanks to Jeremy at Modest Money for organizing the whole thing and to Jessica (Mo’ Money Mo’ Houses) and Daisy (Add Vodka) for showing up (despite being allergic to meeting bloggers!).  It was very motivating to meet some pretty successful bloggers and pick up some tips. I think I should mention guest posting more...

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Estimating income and bills

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I’m a little annoyed because I over-estimated my paycheque at my new job.  As a result, I’ve had to do some last-minute adjustments to my budget.  Part of it was due to uncertainty – not all of my deductions and benefits were processed until recently, for example, so my very first paycheque was inflated.  Part of it was due to optimism on my part – I had apparently forgotten...

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Social isolation

Social isolation, being alone, lonely, depression, cause of depression, anti-social
The Vancouver Sun has a new series of articles discussing social isolation in the big city. Studies have shown that feeling lonely or disconnected from your community and peers can have far-reaching negative effects on health. Having better bonds with your neighbours and community also provides a support network in times of need. With increasing avenues for electronic connectedness, are we losing...

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Happy Canada Day

Happy Canada Day everyone! Brian and I are enjoying the lovely, rainy holiday Monday in Vancouver post-Canada Day fun yesterday.  We spent Canada Day selling glowsticks and other novelty items downtown where we had a great first hand view of the music, food and fireworks. Two moments stood out for me: The first occurred while selling glowing plastic swords.  A Vancouver police officer came up to...

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