Happy Canada Day

Happy Canada Day everyone!

Brian and I are enjoying the lovely, rainy holiday Monday in Vancouver post-Canada Day fun yesterday.  We spent Canada Day selling glowsticks and other novelty items downtown where we had a great first hand view of the music, food and fireworks.

Two moments stood out for me:

The first occurred while selling glowing plastic swords.  A Vancouver police officer came up to me.  I was sitting on a ledge, waving a sword in the air to attract children and parents.  “Hey,” he says.  I cocked my head.  He nods at the sword: “Mind if I borrow that for a moment?”  I hand over the sword, bewildered.  He holds it, a glowing green plastic sword and nods approvingly.  “I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time,” he says.  “Think it’ll fit?”  He pops his baton out of his belt and slips the sword in.  “Niiiiiiice.”  He grins at me like a ten year old.  I recover from my shock and remark, “If you had one of the other side, you’d be just like that video game ninja!”  True story – only in Canada!

And later, I wandered over to the Olympic cauldron and main stage area.  Standing on a ramp overlooking the main stage, I watched as several hundreds of people clapped and sang along to Spirit of the West’s “Home for a Rest.”  The ultimate Canadian theme song.

Here’s to 145 years of Canada!

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