Updates: June 17 – 23

CF and I were discussing this morning how great it is that we can harvest our herb garden whenever we like. It can be a challenge to have a garden when you live in the city, but we are really enjoying the fruits of our labor thus far, especially the watercress. On of my friends is part of an organization that works to turn old gas station land into community garden’s. He just opened up applications for a new garden relatively close to us. We have been trying to get a community garden plot for some time now – maybe this will be our chance!

Around the web this week:

  • From CF: Hopefully we won’t have to deal with this any time soon, but as Passive Income Now reminds us, as some point, we’re going to have to decide whether to sell or continue renting out  our investment condo.  Right now, it’s happily rented out by great tenants and I have no intention of selling it while someone else is paying the bills.  But they’re bound to leave eventually and I’m not sure what we will do then.
  •  Canadian Finance Blog tells us How I made $200 Playing a Video Game. I have always been intrigue by the in-game (and now out of game) economics of online video games. CF and I play Warcraft on occasion – it would be pretty cool to actually make a small amount of real money playing a game! (CF edit: I actually know a professional Starcraft player.  He gets free computer stuff, money and travel!)
  • I really agree with Jordann at My Alternate Life. She rightfully reminds us not to put our lives on hold to pay off debt. There are a number of non-negotiable’s in my budget, including quite a bit of money towards sports and sporting equipment. Because this makes me happy and helps keep me in good health, it’s not something I would consider sacrificing to pay down a little more debt.
  • Jeremy from Modest Money gives some tips on Getting Social on Social Media. I admit, I am not the biggest user of Twitter or Facebook, but I do see the benefit of having an active social network to connect to your readers.
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