Gardening on the balcony

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It’s been about four weeks since Brian and I started up the balcony garden.  We knew that it would be tough – our balcony is large but north-facing so there isn’t a lot of sun exposure.  But at the same time, we didn’t want to be discouraged.  There’s also a lot of great resources available online for those who are interested in small space gardening. Well, the initial...

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How to rock your next interview: The HR Interview

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I have interviewed for and worked at a LOT of different jobs.  Retail, administration, customer service, biology, communications, software development… All fields are slightly different in terms of what they’re looking for during an interview and different interviewers have different styles.  But there are commonalities between all interviews that are important to master if you intend...

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Updates: May 20 – 26

Spent the afternoon at our Alumni weekend. I had the opportunity to attend a wine seminar by the professor who got me started on wine in the first place, which eventually led to my second job. All around an enjoyable afternoon, exactly as I remembered it – he even finished late like he always did when I took his class! Being an avid cycling fan, I have to mention that I am looking forward to...

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Spending our fun money

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Brian and I often get ridiculed for not having “fun” with our budget.  I say that it is blatantly untrue!  We simply pick and choose what we like to spend our fun money on.  We don’t like to spend our money idly and we like to make sure we have enough spending money for unexpected splurges throughout the week.  We also like to make sure we get the maximum value from our fun money. ...

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