July Garden Update

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Our June garden results were a bit of a mixed bag.  We had a lot of seedlings that were a bit late getting into the ground and other seedlings that didn’t quite get enough plant food.  It’s been almost nothing but sun in Vancouver lately though – prime growing weather!  So how does July stack up so far?  Well… New community garden The new garden is soooooo beautiful!  I’m...

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Updates: May 26 to June 1

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I’m still getting used to the idea that it’s June already. After a heat wave in April, May was a bit cold and damp which hasn’t been good for our little tomatoes and leafy vegetables. It’s supposed to heat up now for a bit, but we need to get some fertilizer in the ground so the plants have the nutrients they need. In two weeks, we’re helping build another garden in the...

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Gardening on the balcony

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It’s been about four weeks since Brian and I started up the balcony garden.  We knew that it would be tough – our balcony is large but north-facing so there isn’t a lot of sun exposure.  But at the same time, we didn’t want to be discouraged.  There’s also a lot of great resources available online for those who are interested in small space gardening. Well, the initial...

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