Updates: May 20 – 26

Spent the afternoon at our Alumni weekend. I had the opportunity to attend a wine seminar by the professor who got me started on wine in the first place, which eventually led to my second job. All around an enjoyable afternoon, exactly as I remembered it – he even finished late like he always did when I took his class!

Being an avid cycling fan, I have to mention that I am looking forward to watching Canadian Ryder Hesjedal tomorrow in the final stage of the Giro d’Italia. He has a chance to make history and be the first Canadian to win a “Grand Tour” – GO RYDER!

I had ample opportunity to peruse the bloggings of the week today while waiting for CF to have her hair cut and colored: it turned out so well, the stylist took her outside for photographs!

  • From CF: When I went to interview at a financial institution, the interviewer asked me what my personal philosophy was.  I told her that it was to merge technology and simplicity in order to live more conscious, less wasteful lives.  She thought it was ridiculous.  Unfortunately for her, I thought the job was ridiculous.  🙂
    Here’s a great example of what I mean: Better ketchup bottles.  The basic problem?  Ketchup is hard to get out of a glass bottle.  The solution?  Make the bottle smoother through fancy MIT wizardry.  It saves money and wastes less food because restaurants and cooks and foodies will leave less ketchup in the bottle.  At the same time, it’s an ingenious high-tech solution to a low-tech every day problem.  Love it!
  • It’s uncommon these days, but CF and I take home-made lunches to work almost every day. To make this routine easy, we simply make four servings for dinner – two to eat and two to pack. Get Rich Slowly gives some tips for Thinking Outside the Lunchbox.
  • Earth and Money asks “Are We an Impatient Society“? I can understand where this is coming from and can relate to the situation described. I think that on the whole, yes we are more impatient than our parents were. In my opinion, this is an area for personal self-improvement, and something that I work on. Impatience is a personal behavior, and can only be changed by the individual.
  • Moving to something a little more financial, Balance Junkie looks at the Spring Market Correction by the Numbers. I have not paid much attention to the market the past few months, given our passive investing strategy. If you read the comments, I think there is some merit to the strategies discussed and there could be some good deals in Europe right now. Disclaimer: Personal opinion only, I won’t be investing any personal money in stocks at the current time.
  • Digging out and Up shares The Dumbest $10 Mistake I’ve Made in Awhile. We had a recent experience with our mortgage bank recently: our pre-authorized strata payment was not cleared and we incurred a $28 fee from the management company, on top of the late strata fee that we owed. Thankfully, after calling the bank to discuss it, they refunded the fee, no questions asked! Good customer service will keep me as a customer, unfortunately that doesn’t sound like the case for Cassie!


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