Updates: April 1 – 7

I’m pretty impressed with myself right now. Last week, I mentioned that I was doing some do it yourself bike repairs. It took a little longer to get around to, but I’ve successfully replaced four brake pads and a chain! It really doesn’t sound impressive, but when you’re able to do something for the first time, it’s very satisfying. In the past, I would have taken my bike in to have an ‘expert’ work on it, and fix it up nice. Now, having done these repairs myself, I feel like the sky is the limit. A bicycle really is just a simple machine – I’m now confident that I can replace any of the moving parts without taking it into the shop. This greatly reduces my costs to just the parts themselves, without any labour.

Happy four day weekend! We plan to transfer our bean plants from the living room out to the planter this weekend. I had planned to do it yesterday, however we experienced a freak hailstorm – the joys of April. The temperature looks much better going forward, so bean crop #1 is going out now!

Here’s some long weekend reading:

  • Modest Money included us in their list of Top Canadian Personal Finance Blogs – Go vote for us!
  • Our promotional offer from our cable company comes to an end this month. Young and Thrifty explains how she has had a $10 “temporary” discount on her cable service for years. We’ll be canceling our service this week and then looking for another promotional offer – this usually saves us ~$60 per month. If only it didn’t have to coincide with the start of hockey playoffs…
  • CF and I took a walk in the beautiful spring sun yesterday. We sat on a park bench and soaked up all the vitamin D we could muster. It falls well short of Mr. Money Mustache’s post Get Rich With: Nature, but it’s a start!

Off to train for the Sun Run next week!


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