Update: October 2- 8

The move is done! Boxes are (mostly) unpacked and now we can get down to the business of organizing. You might be surprised that the majority of the boxes are already gone, but we had some motivation. Yesterday, we hosted our annual Thanksgiving turkey feast. It was the best collection of food we’ve had at this event, thanks to the culinary skills our our friends. Highlights included a squash bisque, fennel potatoes, a 10lb turkey and wheat free pumpkin pie.

A quick note on boxes: For CF’s strategy on box accumulation to work, someone needs to be supplying the boxes. Take the extra time to put up an ad on Craigslist when you’re ready to get rid of your boxes – you’ll have no shortage of replies!

While we were busying unpacking and stuffing our faces, here’s what we read in our downtime:

  • There are lots of good reasons for reusing your plastic Ziploc bags. Environmentally they don’t break down easily and can sit in a landfill for hundreds of years before beginning to decompose. Financially, you save money by reusing bags and buying new ones less often. Trent tackles the financial reasoning and asks “Does reusing plastic (Ziploc) bags save pennies or dollars?” . He found that for the sandwich sized bags, you only save $1.42/hr washing Ziploc bags. However, I think the environmental aspect is important to consider. Last year, we picked up two boxes of Ziploc bags for free using a coupon, and we have not had to buy another box since, so it’s been worth it for us. Trent also goes on to discover that for larger freezer sized bags, the savings per hour goes up dramatically to between $5 and $7.
  • I work in the service industry (who doesn’t??). One of the biggest challenges when delivering a project or scope of services to a client is valuing the time of those delivering the services. Get Rich Slowly recently introduced me to the web comic series XKCD. JD has some good things to say about this comic in particular, which really resonated with me, especially from a professional standpoint.

If Shaw ever fixes our internet, you should see more regular posts this week! Follow us on twitter for the full Shaw story…


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