Updates: July 23-29

For the past few summers, CF and I have taken to the bush about this time and picked wild blackberries – why pay for berries if you can pick them? This summer, we found a raspberry bush and have recently discovered a lot of edible berries in the local woods, especially red huckleberry. Sadly we seem to have missed salmon berry season. While we’ve been chowing down, here’s what been...

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Foraging for your food

Foraging, foraging for food, free food, food in the woods
BC, and the the Pacific Northwest in general, is blessed with a variety of edible plants, mushrooms and fruit.  It is legal to forage for edible plants and mushrooms in Canadian crown lands, and if you are knowledgeable, the forests contain a wealth of food.  There are many resources that can help you identify edible plants and mushrooms.  Here are a few of my favourite free edibles: Berries This...

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Landlord tips: Extending the lease

Landlord tips, lease, tenants, renting
Good news! CF and I found out late last week that our tenants have agreed to sign on for another full year. This is great news and ensures that we won’t have to go through the process of finding new tenants for at least another year.   Photo Credit: Jess and Colin (http://www.flickr.com/photos/jessandcolin/2362586545/) Offer another full year As a tenant, when my initial year lease has ended,...

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Update: July 16-22

While the rest of the country suffers through a heat wave (a friend told me that with the humidity, it feels like 48 degrees Celsius in Toronto right now), Vancouver is a comfortable and sunny 19 degrees. It’s going to get toasty at 24 degrees tomorrow – I’m going to take the opportunity to get some exercise and go for a bike ride. I have been inspired by the Schleck brothers performance...

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