Updates: July 23-29

For the past few summers, CF and I have taken to the bush about this time and picked wild blackberries – why pay for berries if you can pick them? This summer, we found a raspberry bush and have recently discovered a lot of edible berries in the local woods, especially red huckleberry. Sadly we seem to have missed salmon berry season. While we’ve been chowing down, here’s what been happening this week:

  • Technically, this was posted last week but I’ve been pondering it over the past week. “Good enough for me” is a rationalization I use a lot when I’m being lazy and letting some of my principles slip. So, it’s interesting to see this attitude embraced from a personal finance blogger. I’m really interested to hear what people think about this article.
  • With the impending deadline for the US to figure out it’s debt issues, here’s some advice on how to prepare for a possible default. Good financial decisions are key in times of uncertainty, and external factors are no reason to stop following your financial plan. There could be some good stock deals to be had over the next few months!
  • Darwin, from Darwin’s Money explores the cost/benefit of cord blood banking. I find this particularly interesting because I work indirectly with quite a few cord blood banks at my day job. I learned quite a lot about the actual cost of cord blood banking and I’m surprised people are willing to pay the amounts required. An interesting read.

Summer has finally arrived in Vancouver, so I’m off to soak up some sun and get rid of this ridiculous farmers tan.

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