Update: July 16-22

While the rest of the country suffers through a heat wave (a friend told me that with the humidity, it feels like 48 degrees Celsius in Toronto right now), Vancouver is a comfortable and sunny 19 degrees. It’s going to get toasty at 24 degrees tomorrow – I’m going to take the opportunity to get some exercise and go for a bike ride. I have been inspired by the Schleck brothers performance at the Tour de France, although congratulations must go to Cadel Evans on his impressive Time Trialing abilities! A first Tour win for the 34 year old – I guess he wouldn’t have had too many chances left.

Here’s what’s been going on in the non-cycling world this week:

  • Krystal writes about her goal of reducing her grocery budget to $100 for the month. What really got me was the comments – popular consensus is that only spending $100 on groceries for the month is only possible in an emergency, not sustainable and almost impossible according to many of the replies. I have to scratch my head here: we have only budgeted $100 per month per person for the last two years! By eating less meat, exercising portion control and buying less processed foods, I am healthier, lighter and my wallet is happier! One suggestion for Krystal: shop at Superstore instead of Safeway and it’ll be even easier to stay within $100.
  • Taking care of hour possessions is a sure way of saving yourself money in the long run. When it comes to kitchen knives, a sharper, well maintained blade is also easier to use. Here’s how to hone your knives properly
  • I’m still on a James Altucher kick – try implementing some of his Daily Practice for a smoother and less stressful day.

Off to work at the wine store tonight. Check out my wine blog for some amusing stories and wine reviews!

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