How to Avoid Wedding Debt and Pay for Your Wedding in Cash

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Your wedding day will probably be one of the of the most expensive days of your life but it will be memorable. What if it didn’t have to cost so much and you could avoid getting into wedding debt. Various different sources try to measure the cost of an average traditional wedding but it varies based on where you live and your preferences. Yet and still, it can be expensive no matter which way you...

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Three Surprising Reasons Destinations Weddings Are the Answer to Tight Budgets

wedding destinations, wedding, tight budget
Getting engaged is awesome… Until you start putting together your wedding budget. Who knew that centerpieces, a DJ, renting a venue, plus booze could be so darn expensive. And then as soon as you post the news on social media everyone and their uncle expects a wedding invite. That honeymoon you always dreamed of sinks further and further down the priority list as you attempt to figure out a way...

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