Updates: March 25 – 31

After the gorgeous weekend in Whistler, we’ve returned home to dreary Vancouver. Isn’t is supposed to be spring? I enjoy spring because it gives me more of a chance to ride my bicycle as a means of transport. I’m not quite as hardcore as Mr. Money Mustache and won’t ride my nice road bike in the snow/cold. At least I can walk to work in 20 minutes! In preparation for the season,...

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Update: January 29 – February 4

Well, we are solidly into the period between New Year’s and Easter in which there are no holidays. I find this time to be both very productive (at work and at home) but also sometimes monotonous and lengthy. So, no poignant thoughts or long-winded outrages today – poke around the links below and you might find one though!   Brian and I pick up the occasional group deal coupon for...

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