How Safe is Your Wallet With Your Current Health Insurance?

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Has this happened to you? Life is chugging along smooth as silk. And then Bam! Out of nowhere it happens. Something out of the ordinary that leaves you reeling, strapped for cash, and with an empty bank account. You get a little nervous, but you’re confident you can bounce back. Well, multiply that anxiety tenfold and that’s how you’ll feel during a surprise health emergency when...

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Using medical deductions in your tax return

medical deductions in your tax, medical benefits, tax deduction, tax return, health benefits
Many people are fortunate enough to have benefit plans which completely cover their health and dental needs. But many other people only have partial coverage and still many others are not covered at all. I used to be fortunate enough to have all of my medical and dental needs covered at 100%. But after going back to school and taking a work placement, my benefits have evaporated. Luckily, Brian’s...

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