Can You Really Retire Early With a Lower Income?

Last night I was reading an early retirement article on MSN. These types of articles always interest me because I find early retirement pretty fascinating and a long-term goal for myself. In this particular article, the woman featured was able to retire at the age of 32 after paying off $100,000 of student loan debt and amassing a $690,000 net worth in just 5 years. This is probably thanks in large...

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5 Legitimate Ways to Get Richer

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Contrary to popular belief, it’s not extremely difficult to get rich without winning the lottery or falling into a large lump sum of cash. There are much more realistic ways to get rich over time. It ultimately comes down to keeping more money in your pocket and managing it correctly. These may not be ‘get rich quick’ strategies, but here are 5 legitimate ways to get richer over time. 1....

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Update: January 22 – 28

On my way to work yesterday, I noticed the front page of the local paper – “Priced Out? Problems and Solutions for Metro Vancouver’s housing market”. This type of headline grabs my attention because I know what’s going to follow; entitled whining about how the average person can’t afford the large, multi bedroom detached house in the city that is their right by...

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